• Masters in Business Administration
  • Best Selling Author, Loved Back to Life
  • Motivational Speaking Experience (15 years)
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership & Management Expertise in Marketing/Advertising (15 years)
  • Extensive Experience Teaching Dallas Inner City, High Risk, Economically Disadvantaged Students (10 years)
  • Implemented New "Peace Makers" Programs at Dallas ISD High Schools 2003-2013
  • Peace Makers Organization Recipient of Dallas ISD's Character Count Award 2012
  • Recipient of Dallas ISD's High School Student Motivator of the Year 2013
  • Featured on A&E's Television Show "Recovery Project" in New York City 2008
  • Board of Directors for the National Education Association 2007-2009
  • Representative for the House of Delegates by the Texas State Teachers Association 2008
  • Recipient of Excalibur Award for Volunteer of the Year from America's Blood Bank in Washington, DC 2008
  • Recipient of the Difference Maker Award from the National Student Council Association 2007
  • Expert Featured with Articles on SelfGrowth.com 2008-current
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Magnified Motivation
Specializing in Amplifying Attitudes & Enthusiasm
All About AJ Crowell
Education is important to AJ and she holds a Masters in Business Administration and a Bachelor in Business
Administration with a concentration in Marketing.  She also has her Secondary Texas Teaching Certification in
Business that she has utilized by teaching at both the high school and college levels.

AJ is a natural motivator. She has a fantastic sense of humor and vibrant personality that enables her to motivate the
audience and gets them actively involved in her presentations. If you want someone who is unique and entertaining
then she's it!  For 15 years, AJ has been a Motivational Speaker at high schools, colleges, conventions and

She planned, implemented and launched a successful book campaign where her book, Loved Back to Life, became a
Best Seller.  AJ has capitalized on this opportunity to educate others about addictions, alcoholism, drunk driving and
recovery.  It is a fascinating true story of how anyone can rise above their destructive selves and triumphantly survive.
AJ's journey leaves you believing anyone can survive, thrive and find a new direction and positive attitude toward the life
they truly desire...no matter what the circumstances.

As an entrepreneur for 15 years, AJ capitalized on her Masters in Business by creating, owning and operating a
successful multi-million dollar publishing company.  Her expertise in marketing, advertising and public relations is a
bonus for everyone.  This is where she learned first-hand the secrets of leadership and the importance of motivation.

AJ also has 10 years of experience teaching inner city, high risk, economically disadvantaged high school students. By
immersing herself in a community service career she found a new purpose that gave her a new perspective on what is
truly important. By opening her heart and mind, AJ was able to love her students and they, in return, loved her.  AJ
believes this has forever changed her life and is extremely grateful for the incredible experience.
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