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Magnified Motivation
Specializing in Amplifying Attitudes & Enthusiasm
Magnified Motivation
Specializing in Amplifying Attitudes & Enthusiasm
Magnified Motivation
Specializing in Amplifying Attitudes & Enthusiasm
"Powerful, compelling and authentic. Author Amy Crowell writes from the heart, aims for the head and strikes a chord in the
soul. Loved back to life is a mesmerizing first person account of salvation, redemption, and victory. It is a story exacted
from the twisted turmoil and debris of a hopeless addicts tumultuous encounter with the reality of the consequences that
accompany the self-realization of a life spiraling out of control. Crowell masterfully weaves her insights and observations
from the real-life stories shared by other contributing addicts into a dialogue and template for hope, change, and recovery.
A true self-help book in every sense of the word, her final offering is an inspirational helping hand to anyone struggling with
the pangs of addiction or the destructive and far-reaching effects of a loved one's chronic indiscretions."
 Dr. Richard
DiCenso, Author of Beyond Medicine,

"A valuable asset to the addiction therapist's toolbox. I highly recommend this inspiring true story that will bring inspiration
and hope to parents, educators, addicts and, especially young people who think "it will never happen to me"  Loved Back to
Life is an honest, humble reflection of Amy Crowell's descent into addiction and her courageous journey to sobriety.
Relating to the painful struggles of others who have been through similar situations can motivate and inspire those caught
in the pain of their own addiction. I utilize this book in bibliotherapy with clients of all ages, as well as those who love them,
to understand the tight grip of addiction. Parents and educators will appreciate the straight forward chapters on detecting
drug-use, addicts will be grateful for Amy's insight into the in's and out's of recovery, and everyone will appreciate her
strength-based approach. Whether working to make changes in their life or merely thinking about it, readers will recognize
themselves in the thought-provoking pages of this book and become empowered to embrace an existence that is free of
addiction and full of possibilities."
Dr. Victoria Palmisano, PhD, LMHC

"Loved Back to Life is a powerful, fascinating examination about the harsh realities of alcoholism and drug addiction. AJ
Crowell captivates the reader right from the beginning as she reveals her life story from childhood, through alcoholism,
drug addiction and into recovery. Her own story is very compelling but she also utilizes the stories of other recovering
alcoholics and shares their experience, strength and hope. The chilling yet inspiring stories in this book are not only for
those suffering from substance abuse, but for anyone who is dealing with a person in his life who suffers from addiction.
Her goal is for readers to acknowledge and reconsider the negative stigma that is attached to alcoholism, and understand
how this bias often lingers even after an alcoholic is sober for years. It also reveals how substance abusers will go to any
length to hide their disease so that they appear normal on the outside. This book can definitely act as a guide to determine
if someone you know may need help for his or her addictions."
Dr. Larry Smith D.C., B.P.E., Author of Embracing the Journey of Recovery

"Wow! This is a book you cannot put down until you've read the whole story. Amy Crowell's Loved Back to Life is a must
read for everyone. Whether you are an addict, a recovering alcoholic or someone who has never touched drugs or alcohol
in your life, Amy Crowell speaks to all of us about the pain we all can relate to. She shows the way to forgive, to take charge
of your life and become what you always dreamed of becoming."
Paul McCormick, Author of Secrets of the Miracle Inside

"A triumphant success!  This book will touch everyone's soul.  It is one of the most astounding books about alcoholism
and drug addiction of this decade.  Facts and statistics are brilliantly intertwined within the story and shed an entirely new
light about the seriousness of addictions in the United States.  Amy's struggles with addiction are mind-blowing, but what
makes this book even more extraordinary is in her desperation she frantically grasps into the darkness and finds hope
and a new way of living.  Loved Back to Life leaves a reader awe-struck and inspired."
Mike Brown, Professional Training and Development Counsultant
Experiential Solutions, T.E.A.M., Inc.
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